Labels, industrial stickers, roll stickers, machine labels and plastic tags

Tear-resistant labels

  • Fibres of the Tyvek material run in an arbitrary manner, endowing the material with a tolerance to mechanical stress which is several times higher than that of a normal sticker.

Labels with moisture-sensitive adhesive

  • as in old stamps and bottle labels, attachment takes place upon moisturizing the adhesive surface

Industrial stickers/roll stickers

  • for mechanical fixation

Tire sticker

  • developed to adhere to a vulcanized surface, i.e. will adhere virtually to any surface

Photoluminescent stickers

  • glow in the dark even after the lights have faded

Deep-freeze sticker

  • will remain attached g. on frozen foods

Releasable stickers

  • sticker with a weak, non-hardening glue having weak adhesion
  • glueless sticker, adheres to glass via static tension, leaving no traces upon removal

Die-cut stickers

  • with a shape differing from a rectangle, achieved either by cutting into shape during printing or subsequent punching from the printed sheet

Digital stickers

  • for small print runs, produced with various digital techniques

Package tags

  • a perfortated vinyl plate to be attached to the package g. with a wire during transportation,