Plastic Stickers

A plastic sticker is the best choice for moisture-resistant and weatherproof stickers. Material of the film is selected depending on the application. Various types of adhesives are available in great numbers, according to the customer’s wishes, from weakly adhering ones to one that will even stick to asphalt.

The printing surface can be further protected with a glossy or matte finish laminate that will protect the surface against UV radiation and mechanical wear.

Vinyl sticker/PVC sticker

  • weatherproof
  • waterproof
  • prime UV resistance

water resistant plastic stickers

PVC-free sticker

  • for applications where pvc cannot be used due to flame retardant level classification

pvc free labels, vinyl free stcker

Poison stickers

myrkkytarra, giftdekal, poison sticker


Photoluminescent stickers

  • glow in the dark even after the lights have faded

Photoluminescent stickers

Reflective stickers

  • reflects light
reflective sticker

Stickers that reflects the light

PE sticker

  • recyclable

PP sticker

  • digitally printable
  • unstretchable

Reattachable stickers

  • Thick plastic stickers (Repostick 0,18 µm) with low adhesion makes them easier to remove and reattach without air bubbles.

Covering sticker / correcting sticker

  • opaque adhesive concealing the underlying information completely

opaque stickers, covering stickers